The Effect Of Temperature On Learning

Posted on: 26 April 2016

When you are trying to absorb information, whether at home or in the classroom, temperature matters. If you are sweating bullets or shivering uncontrollably, you obviously will have trouble concentrating. Even less extreme temperatures can have an adverse effect. Comfortable learning climates are important for productivity. You and your children will learn better if your home and schools have a good HVAC system. Memory Studies show that memory is adversely affected when the temperature is too high or too low.
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Tips For Maintaining An HVAC System For Energy Efficiency

Posted on: 22 April 2016

Are you interested in getting into the habit of taking better care of your HVAC system to keep energy costs at a decent rate? Maintaining an energy efficient HVAC system can be achieved by hiring a professional to perform maintenance on the parts every now and then. The article below contains a few maintenance tips that can be useful for the efficiency of your HVAC system. 1. Keep the Coolant Lines in Good Shape
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Why A Central Air Conditioner Becomes Inefficient

Posted on: 20 April 2016

If you have an inefficient central air conditioner in your house, you might want to consider getting it inspected by an HVAC contractor to find out what the problem is. Leaving your air conditioning system in the condition that it is in will run up energy costs. You might even end up having to replace the system in an untimely manner due to poor maintenance being done. The article below will give you more insight on what might be causing your central air conditioner to run in an inefficient manner.
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What Does It Mean If Your Furnace Is Blowing Unheated Air?

Posted on: 19 April 2016

Your furnace may be blowing cold air, but that doesn't mean that your appliance is having a devastating technical issue. The following FAQ will help you troubleshoot the problem, so you can potentially fix your issue without calling in an expert. What does it mean if your furnace is blowing unheated air? Some common reasons that your furnace might be blowing cold air includes: Your air filter is dirty. All the air in your HVAC system flows through the air ducts and through the blower.
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