Is Your AC Due For Vent Cleaning?

Posted on: 12 May 2022

How often do you schedule air conditioning vent cleaning? Like most homeowners, it's likely that you overlook vent cleaning or comprehensive AC servicing. The lack of servicing often leads to malfunctions or complete breakdowns. 

To avoid these breakdowns, focus on regular servicing and maintenance. Also, check if your AC vents are due for cleaning by looking for these signs.

Dirty Vents 

Shine light through your vents to check for dust, debris, pet hair, or dirt accumulation. Air conditioning vent cleaning services can resolve this issue. 

Musty Smell 

Does your home have a strange odor that doesn't disappear even after cleaning everything? If yes, consider checking your vents. Does the odor intensify every time you turn on your AC? The musty smell is likely the burning of grime and dirt. Your vents have accumulated dirt and grime over months, which heats up every time you turn on your AC. Air conditioning vent cleaning is needed to eliminate the dust buildup and musty smells. 

Vermin Infestation

Vermin often prefer dark and dirty places. A poorly maintained AC unit would be an ideal habitat for vermin like rats, mice, and cockroaches. If your vents have droppings or any other signs of vermin infestation, it's time to schedule a cleaning. 

Poor Respiratory Health

Is your family struggling with respiratory health issues, such as frequent and persistent colds? Stubborn colds often point to dirty airflow. Your AC vents may have accumulated dust, dirt, or mold, triggering your unexplained respiratory problems. 

Test the theory by checking whether the sneezing and coughing worsen every time you get home. Does your nose clear once you leave the house? These respiratory issues point to a problematic AC. Contact a licensed technician for air conditioning vent cleaning. 

Higher Energy Bills 

If your AC vents are dirty, the system will struggle to function and draw more power than necessary. An increase in power consumption will result in higher energy bills. Clean the vents, and you will likely notice a drop in energy bills. 

Dirty Air Filter 

Take a quick look at your air filters. Are they dusty or clogged? The dirt on the filters point to an even dirtier vent. These clogged air filters will also affect how your AC functions. Your AC will gradually become less efficient. 

The decrease in efficiency will increase energy bills. A thorough air conditioning vent cleaning should help you avoid these issues. Prioritize cleaning every few years as part of your AC maintenance routine. 

Contact a local HVAC service for more information on air conditioner vent cleaning


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