Furnace Repair: 3 Signs You Ought To Know

Posted on: 18 March 2021

Having a furnace at home helps keep you warm during the cold season. Considering the vital role it plays, you wouldn't want it to breakdown. Unfortunately, wear and tear can make your furnace malfunction. The good news is that it will exhibit various signs before it does so.

Don't forget that your furnace needs to be checked by an expert whenever it develops a problem. Hiring professionals to help fix any issue early will prevent more significant problems. With that said, here are signs it's time to call in a professional furnace repair company.

1. Yellow Flame

A furnace that is in good condition is supposed to produce a blue flame. A yellow flame indicates poor combustion that results from inefficient burning of fuel. Besides, your furnace might be producing carbon monoxide, a gas that can affect human health and even cause death. The fact that this gas is colorless and odorless explains why you might not even notice it.

The deadly nature of carbon monoxide is reason enough to call in a furnace repair expert when you notice a yellow flame. They will examine components, such as the heat exchanger, that tend to cause carbon monoxide leaks when broken.

2. Weird Noises      

From popping to banging and rattling, your furnace is bound to make all manner of noises when in bad shape. If the bearings are worn out, the furnace will likely produce grinding sounds. Air leaks will also make squealing sounds, while a crack in the heat exchanger can result in loud clacking noise. In short, never overlook any unusual sound as it could be a warning that your furnace is in trouble.

3. Odd Smells

With all the combustion that takes place in your furnace, soot can build up over time. This usually happens in areas such as the heat exchanger that come in direct contact with the flame. Therefore, if there's a burning smell emanating from the furnace, excess soot is most likely to blame.

Along the same lines, a musty odor suggests that your furnace has a mildew or mold problem. This is something you shouldn't ignore because it can compromise indoor air quality. As a result, you and your dear ones might suffer severe allergies. The situation can worsen for anyone living with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

A furnace offers an excellent way to brave the cold season, and that's why you need to know when it needs repair. A yellow flame, weird noise, and odd smells are the red flags you need to watch out for.


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