Signs That Your Air Conditioner Requires Repair

Posted on: 3 February 2020

Air conditioners break down from time to time and require repair. If you notice any of the following signs that your air conditioner needs to be fixed, have an AC repair technician come and service the system.

Warm Air Comes Out of the Vents

If the air that exits your HVAC is warm and the furnace isn't on, something is obviously amiss with the air conditioning system. First make sure that this isn't a silly issue, such as a thermostat that's set improperly a switch that's on warm instead of cool. 

Assuming neither of these simple items is the issue, there could be a problem with the air conditioning compressor. A technician will have to inspect the compressor to see whether it can be recalibrated or has to be replaced.

Little Air Flows Through the System

If you notice little airflow moving through your air conditioning system, there's likely something blocking movement. If an air conditioning system isn't cleaned out periodically, blockages form from dust and dander that accumulate in the system.

Before you call someone, check the air conditioner's filter to see whether it's full of debris. Your owner's manual will show you where the filter is located and how to change it out. This is a simple job that homeowners can perform themselves, and you can get a replacement filter at most hardware stores.

If the filter doesn't look dirty and air still isn't moving through the system properly, the blockage is likely located somewhere else in the system. An air conditioning repair technician will need to come and locate the obstruction, and they'll likely recommend cleaning out the system's air ducts.

Strange Noise Come from the Compressor

Air conditioners are mechanical machines and, like other machines, have many moving components inside of them. 

In normal conditions, these parts work together and produce minimal noise. You're probably accustomed to the low-level hum that your system's compressor makes when it runs. 

If you hear the compressor make a strange noise, something is amiss inside of it. Bangs, clatters, and any other unusual sounds are a sign that there's at least one part out of line.

When you hear a strange noise, immediately turn your air conditioner off and contact an AC repair provider. Don't turn your system back on until a technician is able to identify the problem, because the issue could become much worse if the malfunctioning part collides with other parts inside of the compressor.


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