3 Instrumental Maintenance Steps That Can Prevent Chronic And Costly Furnace Repairs

Posted on: 19 January 2019

When it comes to appliances in your home, one of the most important is the furnace. It's what heats your home after all. So that you can keep it working great and avoid costly repair bills on a regular basis, you need to know about these maintenance steps. 

Switch Out the Air Filter Periodically

One of the easiest and yet most important maintenance steps you can perform for your furnace is switching out the air filter at the appropriate intervals. When you do this, your air filter can effectively prevent dirt and debris from entering your furnace's system. As a result, costly overheating issues won't occur.

Generally, these air filters should be changed out every couple of months. To make sure your filter needs to be replaced, take it out of the housing unit and inspect both sides. If they're completely dirty, you'll need to find a suitable replacement right away.

Vacuum the Burner 

The burner of your furnace has a tendency to collect dirt and debris over the months. You thus need to remove these things before they cause significant damage to this component. The best way to clean the burner and around it is to use a portable vacuum.

Once you've equipped a small crevice tool on this vacuum, start moving it around the burner. Make sure you get all traces of dirt and particles to keep the burner working at an optimal rate. Just make sure that you turn the power switch to your furnace off before cleaning this component.

Brush Blower Blades 

Like your furnace's burner, the blower blades can collect dirt particles and dust. When they do, your furnace may not work efficiently anymore -- which could result in costly repairs in the near future. All of this can be avoided when you brush the blower blades often, however. 

For this cleaning job, you need to use a brush with soft bristles. After all, you don't want to apply too much pressure and accidentally cause structural damage to these blades. Brush all surfaces until these blades are completely clean. If you're having trouble removing any residues, you might apply some warm water to the dirty area before brushing.

Your furnace is such an important home component, especially during the winter months. So that it doesn't break down on a regular basis and cost you a fortune, you need to keep up with its maintenance. This doesn't have to be difficult either. Just make sure you keep an eye on the right components and service them appropriately. 

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