Tips For Maintaining An HVAC System For Energy Efficiency

Posted on: 22 April 2016

Are you interested in getting into the habit of taking better care of your HVAC system to keep energy costs at a decent rate? Maintaining an energy efficient HVAC system can be achieved by hiring a professional to perform maintenance on the parts every now and then. The article below contains a few maintenance tips that can be useful for the efficiency of your HVAC system.

1. Keep the Coolant Lines in Good Shape

The coolant lines play a major role in the efficiency of your HVAC system when you are trying to cool down your home. The coolant lines are in place for transporting refrigerant between the condenser coil that is on the outside of the house and the evaporator coil that is in the inside of the house. Occasional maintenance should be done to make sure the copper lines have not become corroded to the point of creating a blockage for coolant. The lines should also be examined for cracks in case replacements are needed to prevent coolant from leaking out.

2. Get the Interior & Exterior Coils Cleaned

You must make sure that the exterior condenser coils and interior evaporator coils are cleaned sometimes. The condenser coils must be cleaned because dirt can interfere with how well the coils are able to remove heat from the system coolant. Clean evaporator coils are necessary because dirt can lead to air not being cooled down when you have the air conditioner running. Basically, dirt prevents warm air from touching the cold evaporator coils, which is needed in order for cooling to take place. You end up running the HVAC system longer to reach the right temperature when the coils are dirty.

3. Make Sure the Blower Fan is Fully Functional

It is wise for you to ask the professional you hire to inspect the blower fan to your HVAC system. The blower fan is one of the most important parts of the system because it creates the air that flows out of the vents in your house. Sometimes a blower fan becomes old and does not spin as well as it should, which leads to poor energy efficiency due to poor air production. A contractor can lubricate the fan to make sure it can spin to the fullest extent that it was designed to do.

Call a company like Comfort Pros and get maintenance performed on your HVAC system as soon as you are able to.


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