4 Reasons Your AC Is Running But Not Keeping You Cool

Posted on: 13 July 2023

If your air conditioner is running, but your home still feels warm and muggy, call an HVAC repair service for help so you don't drive up your power bill by running your AC continuously. First, consider the outdoor temperature. Your AC has an ideal operating range. If you're experiencing a heatwave that has an outdoor temperature that exceeds your air conditioner's operating range capability, your equipment may not be able to handle the heatwave.

In that case, the HVAC service might recommend you turn the thermostat up a little so your AC doesn't run continuously and cause harm to the parts. If the outdoor temperature is hot but in the usual range, your AC might be experiencing one of these problems that's keeping it from performing well.

1. The Refrigerant Is Low

If the refrigerant is low, your AC can't cool your house, even if it runs all day. The HVAC repair service can use a gauge to measure the refrigerant. If the refrigerant is fine, the AC malfunction has another cause. If the refrigerant is low, the technician may top it off, but the new refrigerant will leak out too if the reason the refrigerant is low isn't fixed. Refrigerant levels only drop if there's a leak, so the leak needs to be patched for a permanent repair.

2. The Condenser Fan Isn't Working

The fan in the condenser plays an important role in helping the refrigerant work optimally. The fan is responsible for blowing heat out of the condenser so the refrigerant in the coil can cool down before it cycles back into your house. If the refrigerant doesn't cool down enough, your home won't be as cool.

A condenser fan malfunction might be due to a bad capacitor. If so, the capacitor can be easily replaced. If the problem is a bad fan motor, the fan assembly needs to be pulled out so the motor can be removed and replaced with a new one.

3. The Thermostat Is Bad

The HVAC repair service may also check the thermostat. If it's bad, you may need to have a new one installed. If the thermostat isn't detecting temperature correctly, it may be shutting down the AC too soon so your house can't get as cool as you like.

4. The Filter Is Clogged

A dirty filter seems like it wouldn't cause much harm, but it can cause problems with your air conditioner. The dust mat on the filter can keep air from being pulled through to the inside of the air handler. When airflow is reduced, it has a number of consequences, such as reduced air flowing out of your ducts. With less cool air blowing into your home, your home won't be as cool as usual. This HVAC repair is easy since it only requires putting in a new filter.

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