The Problems Of Dirty Central Air Conditioning System Parts

Posted on: 11 May 2023

Dirt is a natural part of the universe, and the wind sends dirt into the air on a regular basis. Due to dirt particles being so small, they can get into a home through the smallest cracks. Unfortunately, when dirt gets into the air, it can cause an array of problems in the home. For example, dirt can settle on the important parts of a central air conditioning system and cause it to produce less cold air. Although a central air conditioning system is designed to filter dirt from the air, the system must be professionally cleaned in order to perform its job.

How Dirt Interferes with Coil Functionality

The functionality of a central air conditioning system usually relies on two coils, depending on the specific system. One of the coils is needed for cold air production, while the other coil is needed for removing heat from a home. For example, along with the refrigerant, the evaporator coil can make air cooler as it passes through. The heat that was removed via the refrigerant goes through the condenser coil and out of the house. When the coils are dirty, heat can linger around in the air, which leads to little to no cold air in the home.

Why Air Struggles to Get Through the Filter

If an air filter is dirty, it compromises the energy efficiency level of an air conditioning system. The air filter plays a significant role in energy efficiency because it is one of the first places that air passes through. For example, after the blower fan produces air, it goes through the filter so dirt can be reduced in the air. If the filter is dirty, air will struggle to get through while also picking up more dirt. A filter should be cleaned as often as it is needed, such as more often if the air conditioner is being run on a regular basis.

Why the Duct System Needs Attention

The duct system to an air conditioner can accumulate dirt just as the other important system parts. In fact, dirt has more space to settle within the ducts because they are so large. The ducts are large enough for pests like rodents to crawl around inside as well. If rodents crawl around the ducts, they will also leave behind urine and droppings of feces. Between the dirt and other things that can accumulate in air ducts, it is important to occasionally get them cleaned out by an HVAC contractor.

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