4 Ways HVAC Maintenance Care Saves You Money

Posted on: 7 October 2021

Using any equipment with moving parts continuously without maintenance is a recipe for disaster. Your HVAC unit needs regular inspections and maintenance to keep it working efficiently. HVAC maintenance care can make a life and death difference, especially in extreme weather, or in a home with senior citizens and very young children. It is also important to stay ahead of trouble by fixing small problems before they turn into big ones. Regular HVAC maintenance saves you money in several ways:

Avoid Major Repairs

In a complex appliance such as the HVAC system, the interdependence of different components makes them vulnerable to contagion. A faulty component will cause problems for the next component and so on. Minor problems left unattended or improperly diagnosed can lead to failure of major components and expensive repairs.

HVAC preventative maintenance care aims to catch these problems and fix them before they spread. For example, clogged air filters cause the motor to work harder to move the air. Replacing air filters is very cheap compared to the hundreds of dollars you need to replace a blown motor.

Keep Energy Bills Low

A faulty HVAC unit becomes energy inefficient as it works harder to get to the set temperature. For example, leaky ducts and clogged filters impede airflow, which lowers the effectiveness of the HVAC's action. As a result, the HVAC takes more time and power to get to the optimal temperatures. This inefficiency is often unnoticed but may add up to hundreds of dollars per year.

HVAC maintenance care keeps the HVAC at peak efficiency even as it grows older. Simple actions such as changing air filters can make a big difference in maintaining efficiency.

Extend Unit Life Expectancy

Just as going to the doctor for an annual checkup extends your life by identifying and treating emerging problems, so does it work for appliances. HVAC maintenance care keeps your system working for the expected lifetime. You avoid replacement costs before the expected lifetime elapses.

Keep Your HVAC System Under Warranty

Most HVAC warranties require you to show your HVAC is well-maintained when making a claim. You can show the checklists and invoices from your annual HVAC maintenance care visits as evidence. It makes sense to invest a small sum to keep you shielded from major costs. This is especially true for some components such as motors, which can be very costly.

For more information on HVAC maintenance care, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.


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