Annoyed By Fluctuations Of Temperature? AC Repair Issues That May Be Causing The Problem

Posted on: 14 June 2021

Modern air conditioning systems designed to maintain a constant temperature inside the home offer many benefits for both comfort and health. While interior temperatures can fluctuate slightly when exterior doors and windows are open, central air conditioning systems are designed to quickly sense the influx of warmer air and compensate for it by increasing the cooling cycle for a short period. 

Temperature fluctuations that seem to occur even when there has been no influx of outside air can quickly become annoying, especially during the hottest summer months. Homeowners who are dealing with unknown temperature fluctuations may be experiencing the development of one of these AC repair issues. 


Before assuming that a serious repair issue is occurring, homeowners should first determine that their thermostat is set properly and functioning correctly. If the fluctuations are occurring in a predictable pattern, it can be helpful to clear automatic thermostat settings and then reprogram new ones.

Coolant levels 

Another potential reason for annoying fluctuations of temperature is often related to dropping refrigerant levels, such as those caused by the development of tiny leaks in the system. Signs of refrigerant loss can include icing on the coils, unusual hissing sounds, or increasingly warm interior temperatures. Homeowners who suspect their system is losing refrigerant will want to have an air conditioning repair technician test for existing leaks and make any necessary adjustments or repairs. 

Duct issues

Duct condition issues and obstructions within the ducts or vents can also cause dramatic fluctuations in room temperature and cooling efficiency. If ducts are older or damaged, airflow may be constricted and unable to flow at normal levels throughout the home. This type of airflow issue is often most noticeable near areas of the home where ducts are farthest from the blower system. 

HVAC ducts can also become clogged with dust and debris. This can cause inconsistent airflow issues to develop. Homeowners who can see visual signs of duct issues or those having concerns about clogged ducts will want to have their ducts inspected by a central air conditioning technician to determine how to address the problem. 

Interior changes

Other common reasons for annoying temperature fluctuations inside the home include increased humidity levels and changes to the interior design that negatively effect airflow. Homeowners in these situations should consider speaking with a reputable AC service technician about having a dehumidifier unit installed on their existing HVAC system and checking to ensure that their current air conditioning system is working properly and sized correctly for their home and climate. 

Contact an air conditioning service for more information. 


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