Four Signs That Indicate You Need Emergency AC Repair

Posted on: 18 May 2021

The use of AC's has increased, and the unit is no longer a luxury like it was considered to be in the past. Air conditioners are excellent in enhancing your comfort by supplying fresh air. In addition, they filter any dirt and dust particles leaving your environment clean and safe for your health. Nevertheless, an AC might fail to function at times due to delayed maintenance. But how do you know if your AC is damaged? Here are signs that indicate you need emergency AC repair.

Stinky Smell

If you notice a foul odor coming out of your air conditioner, that is a sign that your unit is not okay. The smell could make your home or office uncomfortable. An electrical problem could cause this or maybe a part of the AC has overheated. If you notice a burning smell from your air conditioner, it's time to call an AC repair technician.

Unusual Noise

A faulty AC makes unusual and irritating noise. Locating the source of the noise is tricky, no matter your efforts to find it. An overworked compressor can cause noise in the unit, and therefore, it would be wise to turn it off and call for emergency AC repair services to fix the issue. Otherwise, the noise will not go away, which might result in more damage. 

No Air Flow

Lack of airflow is another sign that your AC is damaged and requires an emergency repair. This problem usually occurs when the cooling system of your AC crashes due to poor calibration of the thermostat. The lack of airflow will significantly affect your comfort, and therefore you should go ahead and call a technician to conduct an AC repair service.

Leakage of Moisture or Water

A damaged air conditioner could develop some moisture or water leakage, which can significantly interfere with the general functioning of the AC. A clogged drain can cause this problem. In addition, the leakage could also be caused by dirty or clogged coils. Another cause of this problem is the malfunctioning of the condensate pump. If you notice any leakage, contact an emergency AC repair technician as soon as possible. You don't want your walls, furniture, or floor to be full of water.

The above are signs that indicate that your AC is not okay and needs some repairs. Do not underestimate them, instead contact a technician who will inspect the system and repair any faulty parts.


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