Most Common AC Problems (And What To Do About Them)

Posted on: 3 November 2020

Few things are worse in the middle of summer than turning on your air conditioner to either find out that it isn't working or that it's not working nearly as well as it should. A simple call to your local HVAC company should be enough to take care of just about any issue, but fortunately for most homeowners, the problems are common enough that some of them can even be handled themselves. Check out the list of common AC problems below, and if you need any assistance at all from your local HVAC company, contact a technician to schedule an air conditioning repair service right away.

Unit Not Blowing Cold Air

Since the primary function of an AC unit is to blow cold air throughout your home, failure to do that can be alarming. Fortunately, the issue can be as simple as removing the grates on the outside of your AC unit and inspecting the condenser coils; if they're frozen, cleaning them should solve the problem. These condenser coils are responsible for taking the hot air from the outside and converting it into cold air, so any barrier on the condenser lines themselves can stop that process from happening.

Unit Not Cooling Evenly

If your home experiences a difference in temperature from one room to the next, the most likely cause is an air conditioning unit that is not nearly as efficient as it used to be. The wear and tear on your system over time can cause the motor to not be as powerful, or the ductwork to become dirty, which can restrict airflow. Alternatively, your air filter may be choking out your system; it needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months to prevent this from happening. Regardless, do a quick visual inspection of your system, and contact an HVAC company to schedule an air conditioning repair service to get your system working at peak efficiency again.

Weird Sounds and Smells

Even if your unit is functioning perfectly, you may also have weird sounds and smells coming from your ductwork. Weird sounds, such as rattling and banging, can be indicative of a part that has come loose or a component that is not level, both of which need to be repaired before they develop into major issues. Weird musty spells can also be indications of mold, which require a professional to clean your ductwork thoroughly. Don't overlook these relatively tiny issues, since the state of your home's AC unit and your family's health most likely depend on it.

Contact an air conditioning repair service for more information.


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