HVAC Repair Services To Assist With Humid Air In The Home

Posted on: 23 July 2020

If you have a central air conditioning unit in your home to help cool the air, then you may notice that your home may not always be as comfortable as it should be. In this situation, the humidity inside your home may be a bit high. If you think this may be true and a new issue in your house, then speak with an HVAC professional about an AC repair.

Dedicated Dehumidifier Installation

With the rising heat levels in the country and the accumulation of fluid in the air, you may notice a problem with humidity that you never noticed before. While this may not necessarily be a "new" issue, it is one that your AC system may not be capable of dealing with. This is an issue that occurs if your system is one that is too large for your home. 

AC systems work by pulling water out of the air through condensation. However, they do this only when they are on. So, if your system is too large for your home and is short cycling or only turning on for a few hours each day, there is not enough time for the coil to pull moisture out of the air. The result is a home that feels more hot and humid. 

If you have a unit that is too big according to your HVAC professional, then you do have the option of replacing the unit with a smaller one. If the unit is a newer one and does not need to be replaced, then you may want to have your HVAC professional install a dehumidifier instead. The dehumidification unit can be installed on the air intake. This way, water is removed from the air before it is forced through the main AC system.

Coolant Recharge

If you have a small leak in the system and if you have also not attended to regular maintenance on your air conditioner, then the unit may not be functioning as it should. This can limit the amount of moisture that the system pulls from the air. Specifically, the unit will become extremely cold across the coils, and when condensation forms, it will freeze. 

When the condensate freezes, no more water is pulled from the air and the unit will release humid air into the home. The easiest solution to this is to ask your HVAC professional to recharge the unit. And you may need to keep an eye on icing issues for the next few months to make sure they do not return. If they do, then a recharge may not be enough to fix the problem and leak detection must be completed. Contact a company that provides HVAC repair services to learn more.


Lowering Your HVAC Expenses

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