Possible Commercial Heating Issues That Might Come Up

Posted on: 13 April 2020

Running a business comes with so many responsibilities that it can be easy to overlook the heating system if you aren't careful. However, this is definitely something you do want to make a point to always keep in mind because issues can easily arise that can negatively affect the business and cost you money unnecessarily. Learn more about commercial heating issues here:

You begin to experience poor air quality

Your heating system can affect the air quality in the workplace, and this is not good. Poor air quality can cause allergies to flare up, irritate people's eyes, and cause breathing issues. In some cases, it can even cause long-term breathing conditions, depending on the severity of the issue. Some things that can be causing poor air quality include dirty filters, debris that has melted on the heat exchanger, stagnant water, or overheating parts. Check the filters, vents, and other areas of concern, then have a commercial heating technician come out if you are unable to find and correct the issues on your own.

You start to hear noises that aren't normal

You'll know the different sounds that come from your heating system, and if you start to hear new sounds, this is not a good thing. A heating system doesn't just start to sound differently than it always has for no reason. Some of the new sounds you might notice can include squeaks, rattling, swooshing, clicking, thumping, or an array of other sounds. Sounds can indicate anything from loose or broken parts to leaks in the system. Get a technician out right away because sounds are often your first warning of much larger problems to come.

You are having problems keeping rooms evenly heated

If you have some rooms that get as warm as you want, but then you have other rooms that tend to stay cold, then this is a problem. You should be able to achieve the desired temperature throughout the whole space. This kind of unevenness means there is air escaping through a crack or leak and a tech can come find the source of the issue and repair it for you.

You are having issues with the unit starting or running

When you turn your heating system on in the workplace, you want it to go on and run. However, this may not be the case. If it won't start or run, then it can be that there is an issue going on with the capacitors being burned out. A technician can diagnose this issue and be able to fix the problem for you, so your heater is up and running again.


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