2 Potential Problems When You Select An Air Conditioning Unit That Is Too Big For Your House

Posted on: 22 April 2019

Whether you have an old air conditioning unit or none at all, you may be getting ready to either replace your current one or have central air conditioning installed. While shopping around for AC units, you may believe that the bigger the unit, the better it will cool your home. However, there are a couple of potential problems that can be caused if you pick out an AC unit that is too big for your house.

1.  Compressor Cycles Off and On Too Quickly

When you have an AC unit that is the correct size for the space it needs to cool, it will gently cycle on and run until the house has reached the thermostat setting, then cycle off. Depending on environmental factors on the inside of your home and outside of the unit, this may take more than a few minutes each time.

However, if your unit is oversized and too large for the space it is cooling, it may repeat the cycle every couple of minutes. And, while this may seem to be more efficient, it can actually cost you more money on your energy bills because it takes a large surge of electricity to kick the compressor on. If this is happening every few minutes, you are actually using more energy.

Also, since the compressor never has time to rest, it may wear out faster. This could lead to costly repairs within a few years.

2.  Air Conditioner Does Not Efficiently Remove Humidity

Besides cooling your home, another job your air conditioner performs is removing the excess humidity in your home's air. Keeping the moisture down helps to keep your home cooler, helping you stay more comfortable.

However, if you have an oversized AC unit that is rapidly cycling, it never has a chance to remove the humidity from the air, leaving you hot and sticky even when you have your air conditioner running full blast.

And, since the extra humidity makes the house feel warmer than it is, you may find yourself continuously lowering the thermostat setting to try to cool it down. This, in turn, leads to even higher energy bills.

If you are getting ready to purchase a new central air conditioning unit, consider seeking professional guidance about the proper size that your home needs. Contact a company that provides HVAC services to have them look at the space in your home and discuss your sizing and other important options you should consider when selecting a new AC unit.


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