Heat Pumps And Signs That Your Heat Pump Is Failing

Posted on: 4 March 2019

Heat pumps are an efficient way to cool or heat up your home without depending on your furnace or air conditioning. In climates that are moderate, a heat pump will keep the interior of your home comfortable. Heat pumps run on electricity, and they remove hot air from your home in hot weather and the reverse when the weather is cold. With new technology, heat pumps have become even more effective at keeping your home warm in colder climates. There are a number of signs to watch out for when your heat pump is no longer working properly and will need to be repaired.

If Your Unit Is Blowing the Wrong Temperature Air

When you expect hot air to be blowing from your unit but the air is cold instead, there could be a problem. If your air temperature is fluctuating and not at the temperature you have set, you could have a problem with low coolant or a broken compressor. When you are getting hot air instead of cool, it's time have your refrigerant levels checked.

There Is Minimal Air Flow

If the heat pump is turned on and there is hardly any air flow, this could mean that your compressor is starting to fail. Check the air filters of your system to see if that helps. When your home is still too cold even though the temperature is set at a reasonable level, it's time to call for help to assess the situation.

Your Unit Keeps Turning On and Off

When you hear your unit turn on and off frequently, this is known as short cycling. If this occurs, it is because your system is not functioning properly. Each time your system turns on and turns back off again it can put pressure on your heat pump. The issue could be as simple as a blown fuse, or could be a larger problem with the entire unit.

Your Electric Bill Has Increased Dramatically

If you suddenly have a much higher electric bill than the month before, you could have a problem with your heat pump. Compare costs to last year during the same month to see if your usage has gone way up. An inefficient system can cause you to pay a high electric bill.

When you have a heat pump to keep the temperature in your home comfortable, it's important to watch for signs of system failure. You can contact companies like D & R Service Inc for more information.


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