Why Is It So Important To Have Your Furnace Cleaned?

Posted on: 4 October 2018

Your furnace hides in the basement, where you rarely ever see it. As such, it may seem like a strange idea to have your furnace cleaned. Why would you clean something nobody sees, and with a function that has nothing to do with looks? As it turns out, however, there are a few good reasons to have your furnace cleaned about once a year.

Dirt on the Burner Can Cause Harmful Gasses to Accumulate

If your furnace becomes so dirty that dirt accumulates on the burner, then the fuel may no longer burn efficiently. When this occurs, dangerous gasses, like carbon monoxide, may be released into the air. Carbon monoxide is poisonous. You can breathe it in without even knowing, since it has no odor, and it soon leads to headaches, nausea, confusion, and sometimes even death. If you keep the furnace burner clean, the fuel will burn cleanly, and you'll have fewer concerns about hazardous gasses.

A Dirty Furnace May Release Bad Odors

Burning dirt does not smell great. If the furnace components are dirty, you will notice some odors whenever the furnace turns on. You can try to cover these up with air fresheners, but they will keep reappearing each time the heat kicks on. The odors may eventually become absorbed into your carpet and other soft items, and they're tough to remove. The only real solution is to clean your furnace -- sooner rather than later.

A Dirty Furnace Is More Likely to Break

When your furnace's main components are dirty, it has to work a lot harder to heat your home. As such, it becomes more likely to break down. The thermocoupler and burner may wear out and require replacement, for example. Repairing or replacing these components costs a lot more than having the furnace cleaned each year.

A Dirty Furnace Releases Allergens Into Your Home

When your furnace is dirty, the dust mites, pet dander, pollen granules, and other particles in the ducts and around the furnace get propelled into your home each time you turn the furnace on. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, this can make you downright miserable! Clean your furnace, and you will breathe a lot easier at home.

Most HVAC companies offer furnace cleaning services, and some even offer maintenance agreements that allow you to pay one low price for year-round maintenance. Whether you sign an agreement or opt for one-time service, make sure you have your furnace cleaned this fall. Contact a service, like Always Ready Repair, for more help.


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