You Probably Need To Have The Boiler Fixed If You're Experiencing These Issues

Posted on: 6 February 2017

The boiler that heats the indoor water is important to the day-to-day functioning of your home. If there's a major malfunction, that will cause discomfort for you and everyone in the house. However, it's very easy to not notice some of the little things happening which may indicate that you have to consult an expert or do repairs. Here are some issues that you've got to pay attention to.

Your Water Isn't That Hot

Over time, you might wonder if your mind is playing tricks on you if your water is suddenly not as hot as it usually is. If your family can still take warm showers, the situation may be a curiosity but you might not think of calling a contractor. This could be a mistake, because there could be a legitimate problem with your boiler. Water that isn't hot could mean that internal components such as the diverter are failing. Before your water becomes completely cold, you might need those components repaired.

Your Pilot Light Is Going Out

You might chalk it up to a drafty home if you find yourself relighting the pilot light inside the boiler. However, it could be a problem with the boiler itself. Sediment could be preventing the light from staying on, for example. Loose connections or burner problems could be the culprit. If the light goes out frequently, repairs are probably needed.

You're Hearing Weird Sounds

One of the biggest mistakes that boiler owners make is that they are hearing sounds emanating from the boiler but consider it normal or unimportant. This is especially true if you've been in your house for years and the boiler has always made noises like the ones you continue to hear.

It is important that you realize that any sound is not a good one. Boilers, especially newer ones, are supposed to operate silently in the background without so much as a pop. Gurgling, hissing, and banging could mean that there is significant sediment buildup or that the distribution of water inside the appliance isn't happening as it should. The boiler should be inspected as soon as possible.

Talking with your HVAC contractor about any of the above issues is wise if you want to keep your boiler working. Having these issues inspected and repaired right away might save you from serious, more costly problems. Regular inspections can also be beneficial to ensure that needed repairs are properly handled.


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