Three Very Good Reasons Why You Should Have Air Duct Cleaning Services Performed Annually

Posted on: 16 May 2016

Your air ducts and ventilation system in your home is like the lungs of your house. The cold air exchange vents suck air into them in order to run it past the heating elements, warm the air, and return it to your home through the hot air vents. Living creatures breathe in colder air, circulate it through the lungs to extract the oxygen, and return warmer exhalations through the mouth and nose to the environment. As such, your home's air ducts and ventilation system should be cleaned regularly, because they are constantly taking in foreign elements that they do not always expel. Here are three very good reasons why you should have air duct cleaning services performed annually.

1. Dust and Dust Mites 

Dust and dust mites are easily sucked back into the cold air exchange vents. Some of that dust and some of those dust mites might actually find its/their way back out the hot air vents and settle around the rooms of your house. If you already have indoor allergies, or you know that you are definitely allergic to dust and dust mites, then you definitely want to get your air ducts cleaned at least once a year. People with chronic indoor allergies may want to clean the ducts more frequently just so they can breathe easier.

2. Insects and Spiders

Your ventilation system is like a highway for insects and spiders. It provides them with a clear path straight into your home. Even if they choose not to visit and terrify you by crawling in and out of the vents, their little corpses can hang out inside your ventilation system for years after they have died. That leaves behind a nasty disgusting mess that encourages scavenger insects like centipedes to visit and revisit these bug and spider graveyards. Yuck. Clean out the vents to avoid unintentional invitations for these creatures to dine.

3. Dead Rodents and Their Excrement

According to the CDC, rodents of all kinds can cause disease and even death in their excrement and urine. Even if you never see a live rodent running through your home but you hear them in the walls, you can bet that at some point they might get into the ventilation shafts. If they leave behind dried urine and excrement, or just die within your air ducts, you could be exposed to hanta virus, leptospirosis, lymphocyctic chorio-meningitis and a whole host of other nasty illnesses. The bacteria transmitted in their dried urine and feces can blow through the vents right into your home's breathable air. Cleaning the air ducts at least once a year will help prevent rodent-related health issues.


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