Protect Your Air Conditioning From Thieves

Posted on: 9 May 2016

You look at your air conditioning as a cooling aide. A thief looks at your unit as an opportunity to earn some extra cash. The cooper coils used inside an air conditioning unit's condenser make these units highly valuable and although it would seem impossible to steal this type of thing, the reality is that criminals do it every day. Prevent this unfortunate scenario from happening at your home by protecting your unit.

Protect The Disconnect Box

When someone attempts to steal the condenser from an air conditioning, getting caught is only one of their concerns. Not getting electrocuted is the more immediate threat. When removing a unit, it's safer to disconnect it from its power source first so that the condenser can easily be removed.

If you can secure the disconnect box, you can prevent a thief from turning off the power, which might serve as a deterrent. A simple solution is to install a disconnect box with a built-in lock so that you need a key for entry. Just make sure you remember where the key is because a technician will need to access it when working on your unit.

Install Tamper-Resistant Screws And Bolts

Another safety measure is to install temper-resistant screws or bolts around the exterior of the unit. The best place to install this style of fastener is around the air conditioning door panel. If a thief cannot remove the panel, they will be unable to remove the condenser without the use of a large power tool, which would obviously blow their cover.

These types of fasteners are available at just about any hardware store and can easily be installed. However, it's important to note that they won't prevent someone from taking the entire unit.  

Install A Cage

If condenser theft is a major problem in your area, you can create a fortress around your unit in the form of an air conditioning cage. Professional air conditioning cages are built from iron and are designed based on your specific model. Iron creates a secure barrier around your unit, but most importantly, it allows the unit to breathe, which is vital to avoid a malfunction.

In addition to keeping the unit secure, a cage can also minimize leaves and other debris from building up around the unit, which will help ensure efficiency. For the greatest success, pair the cage with a quality lock.

A stolen condenser is only the start of the problem. The reckless methods carried out to remove units can also leave behind extensive damage. An air conditioning technician can help you learn even more ways to protect your unit. Reach out to a local repair technician to learn more about air conditioning care.


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