3 Reasons To Consider Installing Radiant Heating

Posted on: 2 May 2016

One of the best heating options available to a homeowner is radiant heating, mostly because this heating system is able to provide a number of benefits and advantages that other heating options will have a hard time matching. A radiant system foregoes the use of fans, ducts, and furnace in favor of heating panels placed underneath your floors and in the walls. Listed below are just some of the reasons to consider a radiant heating system.

Not Maintenance Intensive

Among the biggest reasons to consider a radiant system is that it can reduce the amount of maintenance that you have to perform throughout the year. Since ducts and forced air are not used by this system, you will not have to worry about replacing your air filters or cleaning out the duct network. 

Uses Heating Zones

Another reason to consider radiant heating systems is to be able to conveniently and efficiently heat your home through the use of heating zones. When a radiant heating system is installed, it will often be capable of programmable heating zones. This means that you can pick and choose which areas of your home get heated and at what times. 

This is incredibly useful when you are trying to avoid wasting energy and reducing your heating bill because you can choose to just heat rooms that people are occupying and completely ignore the rest of the home. An example of this would be to set all of the bedrooms to be heated at night while leaving the rest of the house unheated. 

Avoids Duct Loss

Finally, a major reason to consider radiant heating is that you can avoid running into any issues with air loss. When you have a traditional heating system that blows warm air throughout the house via ducts, it is inevitable that some of that warm air will be lost on the way through the ducts. In many cases, this is a result of damage to the duct network or improper seals where the ducts meet.

The main issue with duct loss is that it will force your heating system to remain on longer than necessary in order to heat your home to the temperature that you selected on your thermostat. However, a radiant system avoids duct loss by not using ducts, vents, or blowing air at all, so less energy is wasted.

Contact your local HVAC contractor today in order to discuss how a radiant heating system can benefit you and your family. These heating systems are a great way to cut down on duct loss and maintenance tasks while also making it easy and convenient to heat your home efficiently with heating zones. For more info, visit websites like http://www.aabsoluteplumbing.com.


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