Why A Central Air Conditioner Becomes Inefficient

Posted on: 20 April 2016

If you have an inefficient central air conditioner in your house, you might want to consider getting it inspected by an HVAC contractor to find out what the problem is. Leaving your air conditioning system in the condition that it is in will run up energy costs. You might even end up having to replace the system in an untimely manner due to poor maintenance being done. The article below will give you more insight on what might be causing your central air conditioner to run in an inefficient manner.

Dirty Vents

The vents in the rooms of your house might have a lot of dirt inside of them that is creating an air blockage. The vent covers can also block air if a lot of dirt is on them. It is in your best interest to leave the task of cleaning the inside of vents to a professional, as you won't be able to reach very far on your own. Cleaning the vent covers can be done on your own by using a damp cloth that has warm water on it to remove the dirt.

Air Duct Problems

The air ducts in your house are actually a series of hoses that are attached to each other. The hoses are held together via fittings, which must fit securely to prevent air from leaking out through cracks. A contractor will be able to examine the fittings to determine if replacements are needed. He or she can also examine the air duct tubes in case they are cracked. If cracks are found, they can be sealed up if they are not too severe.

The Blower is Weak

The blower in your central air conditioning system can become weak for several different reasons, including having dirt on it. Dirt can prevent the fan from rotating as fast as it should, which leads to system inefficiency because only a small amount of air is produced. A contractor might have to clean the blower fan, or the motor to the fan might have to be replaced because it is worn out.

More Coolant is Needed

The coolant in a central air conditioning system is important because it helps with cold air production in the evaporator coil. Coolant is needed because it transforms into gas form to make the evaporator coil cold enough to reduce the temperature of warm air. A contractor can examine the coolant level to let you know if more is needed or not. Speak to an HVAC contractor, like those from http://www.capefearair.com or similar sites, about your central air conditioner to discover what should be done to repair the problem of inefficiency.


Lowering Your HVAC Expenses

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